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In an extremely competitive post-pandemic world it's important to stand out from the crowd and make your product or service a star! You'll need a good scriptwriter who can capture your brand voice whilst also understanding the ins and outs of your business ... that's where I come in!

Trade shows and exhibitions can be a fantastic way to get your business out there but they can also be extremely stressful. My client’s find that working with me increases engagement with their trade show stand and therefore significantly increasing the quantity of quality leads on the day!

Disclaimer – I’m not a brand consultant, I simply want to learn all about you, what you do & why you do it and effectively communicate that to your target audience!

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The Focus Hour

I always thought that the business owner was the star and it was up to them to carry the show ... turns out business owners are actually the directors and it's the product or service that is in fact the headline! Oh my goodness don't they know it, is your product or service a total diva aswell? Demanding the spotlight and never settling for less than the best, you can't really blame them I mean they're a pretty fabulous product/service and you should know ... you created them!

So you have the talent, the direction and a potential audience but what are they going to say? How are they going to captivate your ideal clients? Sure it's easy to say the words that other people want or expect to hear but where is the fun in that? Sounds like you need a scriptwriter who gets it ... like me!

◆   Refresh your current website copy

◆   Communicate with your target audience in your own style

◆   Stand out from the crowd with clever technical copy

◆   Flexible commitment and cost effective hourly rate

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Man Your Stand!

Exhibiting at trade shows and events can be time consuming and as a busy business owner your time is valuable! You might outsource your marketing, accounting and even your cleaning. so why not your trade show sales? By working with me, your lead generation will increase and it will free up your time to network, collaborate and make the most out of the event! This package includes:

◆  Initial meeting to learn about the background & origins of the business as well as products and services

◆  Go through the pitch with you to ensure that we are on the same page with regards to message and selling style

◆  Take care of your trade show portal and answer any show related emails

◆  Set up and man the stand on the day, proactively engage potential clients and collect leads

◆  Send post show report identifying what worked and areas for potential improvement

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