The Brand Champion - About Me

Iā€™m Allana a.k.a The Brand Champion

I am based in East Hampshire in the South East with my handsome husband Matt, my darling daughter Alice and my delightful doggy Barley!

I'm all about making amazing businesses the centre of attention and putting their products/services in the spotlight. I know what you're thinking, what exactly makes me qualified for the job?

Well ā€¦
šŸ§® I have over 10 years experience in sales & marketing roles
šŸŽ­ I am passionate about theatre and events
šŸ’° I believe in making money without the hard sell
šŸ—£ I could talk for England ... and Scotland ... and Ireland and Wales!

Not everyone feels comfortable making a scene or blowing their own trumpet so I'm happy to do it for you, your business deserves to be the star and I want to help you make that happen! šŸ˜‰

Behind the scenes...

Meet Barley...

My Work Companion

Meet Barley! He's my adorable labrador, named after my love of nature. He oversees creative direction on all projects and puts the final paw stamp of approval on everything that leaves the studio. He is lazy but makes up for his lack of motivation by his mid-day snuggle sessions.

Labrador dog