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Copywriter, trade show fanatic and business booster ... it's definitely time to get me on your team!

Whether you're marketing your business at a trade show or online, it can feel like being at an audition and your customer is the very serious looking casting director. You have only a few seconds to make a strong first impression before 10 other business wannabes burst on stage in an attempt to steal your spotlight and making it even harder to get the customers attention.

So in this competitive post pandemic world how can you make your business be heard above the chaos and get your product or service in front of the adoring public that it deserves? Well first you make sure you have a script (or 'copy' to you corporate types!) that communicates clearly with your audience and the rest will follow, that's where I can help. I'm no stranger to being the centre of attention so I know what it takes to make a lasting impression ... so let's do this!

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